6 Awesome Ways To Use Basil Essential Oil

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Top Benefits Of Basil Essential Oil

Steam distillation is the process that extracts basil essential oil from the basil plant leaves. When it is extracted, it is used for a variety of topical purposes because of its high percentage of linalool. Many people also use it for cooking, but you may want to diffuse it because it can lead to a sharper focus, less stress, and better breathing.

The basil plant (Ocimum basilicum) with white flowers and thick foliage is where sweet basil oil is extracted. The pungent, sweet taste produced from fresh basil leaves is preferred by many people, and it also has a beautiful floral, fresh aroma, and when dried, it has an earthy and spicy scent. Fresh basil leaves have oil glands that appear to be tiny dots, and that is where the essential oil from this herb is produced.

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1Helps With Hair Growth

Many people experience a problem with slow hair growth. It is possible to improve scalp circulation and promote hair growth when you massage basil oil directly on the scalp. As you are rubbing it into your scalp, you will experience a soothing, tingling, and warm sensation. Due to the increase in circulation, the hair follicles are stimulated, and a healthy, new hair begins to be produced in the area.

The natural stimulant effect available from basil essential oil increases blood flow to the area where it is topically applied. You can further enhance the benefits of this essential oil for hair growth when you mix it with other essential oils, such as lavender and rosemary. It is an affordable way to treat a problem with hair loss.

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2Hair Mask Of Basil

Many people are familiar with the healing properties of egg, but when you mix it with the oil of basil, it has a much stronger healing property. Begin with an egg in a bowl and whisk it until foamy. Include about five drops of essential oil of basil to the egg and then add an additional one or two teaspoons of pure olive oil, along with a teaspoon of lemon juice that has been freshly squeezed. Adding those other ingredients removes the smell of the egg.

This mask can be applied to the hair for a minimum of 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes have expired, rinse the hair with cold water. Continue to shampoo and use conditioner on your hair as you usually would.

 basil oil air freshener

3Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

If you're having difficulty with urinary tract infections or other types of bladder problems, the effective use of basil oil may be able to help. The essential oil derived from the basil plant has many useful properties, including disinfectant, antibacterial, and antiviral, and these can help with the healing of those infections. It doesn't matter if you have a painful infection or if you need to detoxify the urinary tract or digestive system; it works well.

You need to understand how to use essential oils when fighting UTI because it can be difficult. In most cases, the urinary tract is sterile, so you wouldn't want to introduce something unsterile into it. Before you use essential oil for this purpose, it needs to be diluted. You can dilute essential oil by putting up to five drops in a small container of carrier oil. Some of the more popular carrier oils include coconut, almond, olive, and sunflower oils.

 basil oil air freshener

4Use It As An Air Freshener

One of the many benefits of using basil essential oil is the ability to remove mold and bacteria from your home, automobile, and even your furniture. Basil comes from a Greek word that means "to smell." Throughout the Mediterranean and in India, the use of basil essential oils is not only in a culinary way, but it is also used to clean kitchen equipment and eliminate odors.

It is possible to do this at home by running a few drops through the kitchen appliances, perhaps even including it to the soap you use for washing dishes. It is also possible to use it for removing stains by combining it directly with baking soda, as it can eliminate bacteria from pots and pans, the shower, inside of the toilet, and even your garbage cans. If you're looking for a natural air freshener, you don't need to look any further than basil oil.

 basil oil for urinary tract

5Eliminates Cancer Cells

One of the benefits of using basil is the high levels of vitamin D found within it. Vitamin D is vitally important for those who are dealing with breast health issues. Studies of humans have shown that an individual who has higher levels of vitamin D and also has breast cancer is twice as likely to survive than those who have lower vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has suppressive properties on hormone stimulation, and it can also destroy the cancer cells directly.

Vitamin D usage has even been endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society as a strategy for the prevention of cancer. Having your vitamin D levels checked on a periodic basis (something any doctor can do) and using vitamin D with vitamin K2 are additional preventative measures to take. When you use basil essential oil as a supplement, various types of cancers may be naturally fought by the body.

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6Fight The Cold And Flu

The antibacterial and antiviral properties of basil essential oil help remove viruses and bacteria from the body, and it also can fight fatigue, pain, and inflammation. As far as a natural fever or cold remedy is concerned, basil is fantastic. Using basil essential oil by diffusing it or adding a couple of drops to a hot bath can surely help you to feel a lot better.

Many people also make a home remedy vapor rub by mixing basil essential oil with eucalyptus essential oil. When you do so, dissolve both oils in a carrier oil and then massage it to the area of the chest to provide relief and open your nasal passages. Since basil is an antispasmodic, it is also often used for those with whooping cough. Many people have also experienced great benefits of using basil for the treatment of bronchitis, sinus infections, and asthma.

 basil oil for urinary tract

Some types of food flavorings will be produced with the use of dried leaves and stems of the basil plant. It may provide some benefit, but it is the oil extracted from the flowers of the basil plant that is far superior to anything else available in the plant. The leaves and seeds are primarily used for culinary purposes worldwide. Basil leaves are quite popular in Italian cuisine, including pasta and some types of salads.

You can also use sweet basil essential oil with various types of foods, including sausages, meat, ketchup, vinegar, pickles, and even tomato paste. When you look at the ingredients of many favorite dental creams and mouthwashes, you also see basil listed. Moreover, perfumes and certain types of insect repellent that repel mosquitoes and flies also make use of sweet basil oil.

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